Monday, June 05, 2006

One heart many faces

[advertisement] The album creates a genre that could foreshadow cosmic unity between the sacred and the profane, faith and reason, heart and mind. Its melody sways from a typical soulful pinoy-hum inflected by a forlorn voice to a more emphatic, confidence-filled hymn, marked by heightened voices and polyphony of instruments. A theme song called paradoxically, "One heart, many faces" strides along this route: from a lonely sound of a singular, undefined flute as if in a far-away mission land a la Morricone's The Mission, to the African sounding drums, ba dam ba's of Arnoldus Co. and to the syllabaric o-a-o of the reverend sisters of the Holy Spirit.. With the thought alone that the Pink Sisters append their voices to the praise part of the song could make one feel "co-canonized." The songs' spirit moves from lament to praise; from "wounded" to "graced". (RCF on the album "By Love" by Raul Caga now available in music stores).

Download the first track "one heart many faces" [at megaupload wait for 45seconds, at the last 10 seconds an ad pops out and blocks the download box, close that ad and click download]

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